Miniroos 2020 season Update


Dear all,

We would firstly like to welcome you to the Mannnigham United Blues FC for season 2020. We hope that your child is looking forward to the season ahead.

The following provides important information to prepare you for the start of the season;

Commencement of Preseason training:

Training for each age group will vary depending on teams. Please refer to the list at the end of this post for your teams time/date.

Team selections
The technical Football department performed grading over preseason which has placed each child into their relevant and appropriate group (eg Kanga/Wallabies) However, in some cases the final selection of some teams will be finalised during the first few weeks of training.

In regards to the Under 9 age group, the club has been provided with the following training slots for your age group Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday.
Can you please indicate your preference to the following email address

Key Dates
The first official competition date is Sunday the 19th of April. Practice games and Gala days will be held in late Feb and early March, with details of these and the locations of winter training to be announced shortly.

We expect delivery of our kits by the start of March. You will be provided with an update closer to that date.

The club are seeking expression of interest for Coaching roles. Coaching provides great personal joy in development of young players, if you are interested please contact The club offers free training and incentives to coach a team.

Team Managers
Every team needs a team manager, this involves week to week communication about game locations and responsibilities. This is a relatively easy (but important) role at the miniroos level. Please indicate if you are interested in being a team manager.

Child Safety
MUBFC has a non negotiable policy when it comes to Child Safety procedures. To assist us, it is vital that all parents personally hand over their child to the assigned coach/supervisor at the start of training and collect their child from the playing field perimeter at the assigned pickup time.

As part of the child policy, parents will not have permission to enter the training pitch during training sessions. We request all parents/guardians and siblings watch from the barriers or outskirts of the pitch. We please ask for your support in this request.

Communication and Team App
Team App will be the source for all club communication. All parents need to access this and allocate Manningham United Blues as a club. If you haven’ installed the app, please click this link

Weather Policy
Please note that training will be cancelled when we deem training unsafe. This could be if the forecast is greater than 35 degrees or when there are other extreme weather conditions. The full weather policy is available in the Team App under the general information section.

U7 Boys
Time: 545-630
Training Days: Tuesday
First Session: 18/02/2020

U8 Boys
Time: 545-645
Training Days: Thursdays
First Session: 13/02/2020

U9K boys
Time: 545-7
Training Days: Mon/Wed
First Session: 5/02/2020

U9W boys teams 1 + 2 (team to be decided )
Time: 545-7
Training Days: Tues/Thurs
First Session: 6/02/2020

U9W boys 3 + 4 (team to be decided )
Time: 545-7
Training Days: Mon/Wed
First Session: 5/02/2020

U10K boys
Time: 545-7
Training Days: Mon/Wed
First Session: 3/02/2020

U10W boys
Time: 545-7
Training Days: Mon/Wed
First Session: 3/02/2020

U11Ks (red and blue) boys
Time: 545-7
Training Days: Mon/Wed
First Session: 3/02/2020

U11W boys
Time: 530-7
Training Days: Tues/Thurs
First Session:11/02/2020

U12k boys
Time: 545-7
Training Days: Mon/Wed
First Session:3/02/2020

U12W Boys
Training Days: Tues/Thurs
First Session: 4/02/2020

Please direct question to

Many thanks for your continued support.

MUBFC Committee